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If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ve most certainly been exposed to x-ray radiation. Dental X-rays are a safe and comfortable approach to keeping your overall dental health in check. X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool that Glance Dental dentist utilize to detect oral health issues before they are evident to the naked eye. A tooth x-ray image will assist your Glenview dentist in detecting and diagnosing any problems you may be experiencing before they become more severe, troublesome, and costly to cure.

Your dentist uses x-rays to detect if there is decay forming between teeth, which is difficult to spot. X-rays can reveal the health of the teeth’s roots and the bone structure around the teeth. They provide extensive information on the tooth from top to bone by focusing on one part of the mouth at a time. It also demonstrates changes in bone density. Gum illnesses such as gingivitis can cause the bone density to deteriorate.