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At Glance Dental, our provider focuses on many distinct areas. Dr. Akhikar has a wide range of experience and expertise so that we can handle everything from veneers to inlays and Onlays to dental implants done in just one day! This helps us take care of all of our patients’ needs comprehensively.

Our competent cosmetic dental care can transform your smile into the gorgeous smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Our restorative dental care helps restore your teeth to their proper function and fit. Having the best potential and focused doctor within our office allows for better results, the best service, and ultimate convenience on the same day of your procedure. 

Facial Rule of Thirds

If the teeth start to wear down, we begin losing support in the skin of our face. Our face is broken into facial thirds. The part of our face that's bear by our teeth is the lower third portion. Whenever you see someone who has had dentures that have come out and the front of their mouth starts to crease, you begin seeing worsening lines around the face. Their face starts to sink in. The reason is that the teeth no longer support that lower third of their face. Full-mouth reconstruction allows us to reconstruct that lower third of the face and recreate facial proportion by balancing those facial thirds.

Glance Dental looks to the Facial Rule of Thirds to guide the full mouth reconstruction planning procedure. A face that can be equally split into thirds demonstrates ideal aesthetic harmony. When a considerable amount of tooth loss or damage has happened, the structure supporting the lower facial third is compromised, disrupting the aesthetic proportion. Full Mouth Reconstruction is the organized approach to restoring all of your teeth simultaneously.