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Wisdom teeth extraction

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Wisdom teeth extraction

When you think about impacted teeth and surgical extractions, your mind probably goes to wisdom teeth, which are the most common type of extraction. However, extractions are more common than you may think and can be performed on any tooth that is impacted, not just wisdom teeth.

When a tooth is impacted, it is fully below the gum line and requires cutting into the gums to remove it. This includes teeth that need to be removed before a dental implant can be placed. In these cases, a surgical extraction is the first step in the dental implant process and is required if the tooth has not already come out on its own.

A surgical extraction is a more involved process than having a tooth pulled in a dentist’s office. It is typically performed by an oral surgeon with the patient under general anesthesia or IV sedation.
Your convenience matters to us at Glance Dental, which is why we offer extraction services in our office, so there’s no need to go to a separate oral surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental and Wisdom Tooth Extractions

At Glance Dental we offer tooth extractions as a part of our comprehensive oral health services.

The answer to this question is: "it depends." Each person and situation is different. If you are not currently experiencing pain or crowding, your dentist may recommend removing your wisdom teeth to avoid those types of problems in the future, based on what they see on your x-rays, as well as their professional and clinical experience. Wisdom teeth can move very slowly, so problems can sometimes take years to develop. Extraction of wisdom teeth can become more complicated and painful if delayed and may require the services of an oral surgeon. Your dentist may recommend removing your wisdom teeth before they become a problem or even cause a future dental emergency.

Some pain, swelling, and bleeding are to be expected after most extractions. Each extraction is different and everyone experiences pain and recovery differently. Your dentist or our staff may have provided you with a post-extraction instruction guide after your procedure. This guide contains helpful information to make your recovery as speedy and complete as possible and avoid common issues such as dry sockets or pulled sutures.
Your dentist will also explain what signs to look for that may tell you it's time to call our office. If you had a surgical extraction, we may give you a post-op courtesy call a day or two after your procedure to see how you are feeling or if you have any questions. We are happy to answer questions any time at your local Glenview, Glance dental office (855) 445-2623.

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