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Sinus Lift

With a sinus lift, you can increase the success of your implant.

Having enough bone where the implant will be put is one of the most important aspects of successful dental implant surgery.
Many persons who require an implant in their upper jaw may not have enough bone to sustain it. A sinus lift may be required in this scenario. This restorative surgical treatment allows you to have an implant even if you have a bone loss!

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What exactly is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift treatment might improve your chances of a successful upper back jaw dental implant.
Because of the reduced bone amount and closeness to the sinus, the upper back jaw is one of the most difficult places to insert an implant.
The sinus system is divided into various sections, with the maxillary sinuses being closest to your teeth. The maxillary sinus membrane is pulled upwards during a sinus lift surgery to make room for more bone.
The bone is then grafted to the upper jaw in the place of the molar or premolar teeth and allowed to recover.

Who requires a sinus lift?

If you have an insufficient bone in your upper jaw, our periodontist may propose a sinus lift operation. This contains situations like

Dr. Akhikar is board-certified in Dental Implant Surgery and has performed hundreds of dental implant operations. Whether you require a sinus lift as part of a dental implant operation or not, your smile is in safe hands.